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Mech series revived after five years is getting skewered for adding a pay-to-win cash shop

5 years since its servers have been taken offline, the free-to-play mech FPS collection Hawken is again with a new access, however it is getting numerous hate for including what turns out like a rather predatory pay-to-win money store. That is a long way from the one grievance about Hawken Reborn I am listening to […]

The MCU Fantastic Four reboot needs to nail these five things from comics to be perfect

Wonder Studios is at the cusp of rebooting the Unbelievable 4 for a third-time’s-the-charm strive at bringing ‘The Global’s Biggest Comedian Mag’ from the web page to the display. Earlier makes an attempt have swayed tonally between vast comedy and dire tragedy, and despite the fact that each prior FF movie franchises have taken swings […]