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This free horror demo has real-life influencers and the scariest monster I’ve seen since Resident Evil Village

I will by no means disregard the primary time I encountered Resident Evil Village’s horrifying child, and also, the monster within the loose demo for Unfollow, an upcoming horror about social media’s affect on psychological well being, has been ceaselessly seared into my mind. Unfollow is disarmingly horrifying, with an unassuming synopsis in regards to […]

Ryzen 9 7950X Seen Falsely Running At 6.3GHz Due To A Quirky Windows Bug

(*8*)(*1*)(*11*) A new malicious program affecting AMD Ryzen 7000 sequence CPUs has been found out that artificially boosts the CPU’s clock pace past what the chip is bodily working at. YouTuber PRO Hello-Tech found out the problem from one of his audience who discovered that his Ryzen 9 7950X would spice up to 6.3GHz if […]